While adults can still work with less sleep, children cannot live off without having quality 8-10 hours of sleep. Children need proper rest and adequate sleep so that they can learn, grow to their full potential and lead normal lives without feeling tired so that it does not become a habit. Hence, for the best sleeping cycle for infants, we have got you the best mattress for infants right here!

Also, as we grow with age, we require less sleep. Adults need 6-8 hours of sleep, teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep, kids need 10-13 hours of sleep while infants need 16+ hours of sleep. 

For infants, their crib is their second home. In the crib, they eat, sleep, play and repeat. It is the only place where they feel at home (after being in a mother’s embrace). So it is obvious that we need to provide the best of things available, including their sleeping mattress. 

Which type of mattress are the best mattress for infants?

Now that we know how much of an important role sleep plays in a child’s life, we should also focus on the things that will lead to the kid having a much better and sound sleep. Any guesses? Yes, it’s mattresses. A mattress is crucial for sleeping well. 

To give your child the best sleeping experience, you need to find the right mattress for your children. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting the best mattress for infants to sleep on, such as –

  • Is it temperature neutral? 
  • is it economical 
  • How thick is it? 
  • What is its firmness? 
  • Does it provide relief from pressure? 

Nowadays, among the different types of mattresses as Hybrid, foam, innerspring, latex, and airbed mattresses- the best mattress for infants is the hybrid model mattress. 

The hybrid model mattress is meant to provide a dual experience of multiple layers of the mattress. It has coil support along with comfort layers which could be made from memory foam, polyfoam, or latex. 

15 best mattress for infants crib:

1) Graco Premium Foam crib mattress 

The Graco company is a household name when it comes to making baby products like car seats. What many don’t know is, Graco released new mattresses for infants which are available for an extremely economical price of $90. 

It is long-lasting, the cover is removable for cleaning, soft yet the perfect mix of firm, and washable. The best part? It comes with a breathable foam layer, which does not help bad odour retain and does not make the kids sweaty. This results in longer sleep nights. 


  • Washable Covers 
  • Breathable Foam layers 


  • It is not a two-sided mattress. 

2) Sealy Waterproof Standard Crib Mattress

This best mattress for infants is firm thanks to its 150 coils support, which gives the infant sleeping on it the best sleeping experience. The infant sleeping on it has his or her weight evenly distributed thanks to the steel coils, which also prevent sagging from the middle and sink the child in. 

Also, the mattress has a waterproof cover. Due to this, any liquid whatsoever will not reach the middle of the mattress and spoil it. All of this comes at an extremely cheap rate of just $70, making it a highly economical and one-time investment for your infant’s sleep. Want to hear more? This is a 2 stage mattress! This means that when the child turns One, you can simply flip the mattress to the comparatively softer side.  


  • Waterproof Cover 
  • 2 Stage Mattress 
  • Equipped with steel coils 


  • Does not have temperature regulation.

3) Avocado Organic Crib Mattress 

This mattress is the best mattress for infants if you are looking for an eco-friendly option. Avocado sources the raw materials used for making the mattress from sustainable farms. This is a 2 stage mattress and it provides a firm surface, just like your infant requires. The toxic-free mattress also has a lot of certifications. 

One downfall though, this mattress is not waterproof. Children, especially infants, require waterproof mattresses. Though you can add a waterproof cover on top of the mattress. This organic, handcrafted mattress is a bit expensive. It costs around $279 to purchase this mattress for your infant. 


  • Organic 
  • Firm surface 
  • 2 Stage Mattress 


  • Not waterproof

4) Hiccapop Play Yard Crib Mattress Pad 

Meet Amazon’s no 1 bestseller, the Hiccapop Play Yard Crib Mattress Pad. This is a portable mattress measuring 38 inches long and 28 inches wide. 

It is about 3.25 inches thick and is a popular choice among parents looking for a mattress for a baby play yard. This too is a 2-stage mattress. This provides both a firm mattress for infants and a comparatively softer side for kids. 

The best part, this mattress is only about 5 pounds in weight, which makes it good for you to go and take the mattress with you anywhere. 

This mattress is about $60 in price, making it the best mattress for infants which is also the best economical outdoor mattress. You can wash the mattress cover by simply zipping it off the mattress. 


  • 2 Stage Mattress
  • Best pick for outdoor setting. 
  • Washable cover. 
  • Lightweight. 


  • Not that firm for your infant, as compared to other mattresses.

5) Allswell The Essential Crib Mattress

The Allswell Essential Crib Mattress is two-sided, so it is a great investment for both a firm and a soft side mattress for your infant and the year after that. It has a superior-quality construction mechanism and material used to keep your infant safe and sound while sleeping or playing. Another great thing about this mattress is that its cover is waterproof and detachable. 

The washable cover along with the mattress costs about $115, which is a bargain comparing all the facilities it provides to you and your infant. It is lightweight and in good size, so infants of all heights and weights can easily fit in this mattress. 


  • Lightweight
  • Two-sided mattress. 
  • A safe option for your infant.
  • Washable


  • No organic material was used. 
  • Not moisture resistant. 

6) Serta Sleep True Mini Crib Mattress 

As the name suggests, this mattress is designed specifically for mini cribs. It has a machine washable cover and a breathable core,  it works well with most mini and portable cribs with dimensions of 37.75 by 23.75 by 3 inches. Guess the weight of this mattress, it is less than 10 pounds! Yes, another benefit of having a mini crib mattress for your world. You can easily carry them on a trip and change the sheets. It is also a pediatrician recommended crib mattress. 

This mattress costs exactly $200, which is slightly expensive but a good one if you consider the facilities and good things they provide in the mattress. It has moisture-resistant technology, which prevents heat from getting trapped and Makes the kid feel sweaty in his or her sleep.


  • Moisture resistant. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Washable. 


  • Not a two stage mattress. 
  • Might not fit into the crib as per safety rules.

7) ) Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic Seamless Baby Crib Mattress – Lightweight 

 The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic Seamless Baby Crib Mattress comes in three options – Lightweight, Lightweight 2-Stage, and Innerspring 2-Stage. The Lightweight version is considered the best pick. The Innerspring 2-Stage version is also a good one to buy for your infant. It is a very lightweight organic mattress crib.

The cost of this mattress is about $269. It is not a two-sided mattress but it is a waterproof one.


  • Waterproof.
  • Comes in 3 options.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not moisture resistant.
  • No washable covers provided

8) Avocado Luxury Organic Crib Mattress

You might find the price tag to be a bit higher, yet, it is worth every penny! The incredible features and the different models are wow sticking. It is the safest crib mattress for infants. The unique design combines the best of foam and innerspring crib mattresses with 170 innerspring wrapped in organic cotton, organic wool and flax pads, organic latex on the edges, and an organic latex foam core. 

This mattress comes for $1250, which makes it not so affordable for every parent out there. The material used in this mattress for infant has got you covered in maintaining the right temperature and preventing the mattress to get extremely warm. Because it has two sides to support your little one as they grow, it makes more sense to buy one quality mattress than multiple cheap ones. As a bonus, This crib mattress has a 25-year warranty and free shipping. 


  • Made of organic products. 
  • 25-year warranty. 
  • Two staged mattresses. 


  • Expensive 

9) Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Waterproof Crib Mattress 

The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Waterproof Crib Mattress is a great option to consider while going mattress shopping. It is a waterproof mattress and has removable, washable covers too. It does not have potentially harmful chemicals like glue and adhesives. 

The pricing of this best mattress for infants is about $169. Also, this mattress is a dual-sided type of mattress, making it a good one-time investment as we can simply flip the mattress over once the baby grows and we do not have to purchase another mattress. 


  • Two staged Mattress. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • Washable covers. 
  • It does not have harmful chemicals.


  • It is not temperature regulating, and can make your infant feel sweaty at night. 
  • Not much is ensured about the safety of the infant. 

10) Newton Baby Crib Mattress 

Newton’s Baby Crib Mattress is a highly recommended pick for mattresses for your infant because it has a breathable and washable design. It is the best newborn crib mattress.  The mattress’s cover is washable and removable. When messy accidents occur, the insides of the mattress can also be cleaned up by putting it in a tub. The interior of the mattress is made up of 90 percent air and 10 percent food-grade polymer, which enables babies to breathe easier and stay cooler throughout the night. 

This mattress costs about $300, which is a bit on the expensive side, but considering its perks and how safe and sound your child will be on this mattress, this is just an investment. It is best for single parents due to the safety it provides. 


  • Moisture resistant. 
  • Washable cover. 
  • Highly safe. 


  • It is not a two staged mattress. 
  • Not firm for your infant. 

11) Dream on Me Fiber Portable Crib Mattress

This best mattress for infants on our list is the least expensive option you can find in the entire market. It comes with a price tag of just over $30, making it extremely cheap. Also, it is highly lightweight, weighing just 4 pounds. It is the best crib mattress for sids prevention. 

It has a waterproof surface and marks can be removed by warm water wipes. It is a good choice for mini cribs, measuring just about 24x 38 inches. It is also 3 inches in thickness. 


  • Lightweight. 
  • Waterproof surface. 


  • No cover provided.
  • Could sag quickly. 
  • Not moisture resistant.

12) Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress Hybrid Quilted Waterproof Cover 

The Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress Hybrid Quilted Waterproof Cover is another great option due to the several benefits it provides. It is hypoallergenic and also, completely recyclable. It is free from any harmful substances or materials such as polyurethane foam, phthalates, or flame retardants. It is made according to the American society testing materials usage. The consumer product safety commission recommends this product along with the american academy pediatrics. 

It costs about $199 and comes with washable covers, too. It’s a dual-sided mattress, meaning it is a two-stage mattress. You can flip over the best mattress for infants once the child grows a bit. 


  • No such allergic reaction infants
  • Recyclable. 
  • Dual sided mattress. 
  • Waterproof cover. 
  • Organic.


  • Not that firm. 
  • Not moisture resistant.

13) Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib and Toddler Mattress 

This one stands out due to its foam core that is made with soybeans. The best mattress for infants is a dual-sided, two-stage type of mattress. The crib and toddler mattress are free of potentially harmful materials like phthalates, lead, formaldehyde, and toxic flame retardants. It has GOTS certified organic cotton material used in it. 

This best mattress for infants comes with a price tag of $130. It is a waterproof mattress and its cover is easily washable. It has square corners which reduce the possibility of injury to the infant. 


  • Safe. 
  • Two staged mattresses. 
  • The organic cotton was used. 
  • Waterproof.


  • Not moisture resistant. 
  • Not too firm. 

14) Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Crib Mattress 2-Stage 

This is a two-stage mattress, making it a long-term purchase. You can use it by flipping it to the other side when the infant grows little. It has a polyester foam core covered by a waterproof surface. 

This best mattress for infants cost about $259, which is not economical. All the extra protection is given so that the infant has the best sleeping experience in his or her crib. Also, it is made of breathable fabric which lets the infant sleep cool, free from sweat. It meets global organic textile standards due to the incredibly soft material used in it. 


  • Two staged mattress. 
  • Breathable fabric. 
  • Organic. 


  • No washable cover provided. 
  • Could sag quickly.

15) Emily organic Crib Mattress

This mattress is one of the best mattress for infants out there. One side is very firm for infants, and when the infant has grown up a little, we can flip it for use again. Yes, it’s a dual-sided mattress. It is lightweight, too. This is a greenguard gold-certified product. 

It comes with a price tag of $299 and is a waterproof mattress made with eco-friendly material, which is safe for the infant. 


  • Greenguard gold certified. 
  • Waterproof.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Two-sided. 
  • Lightweight.


  • No covers provided. 
  • Can stain easily.
  • Not moisture resistant.

How do you choose a mattress for infants?

As we discussed above, infants require about 15+ hours of sleep. So their primary home is their sleeping spot. Where do infants usually sleep? In their crib! A crib is usually a cot made specifically for children so that they do not fall outside. 

What can we add in a crib so that they can have a more cozy, soft, comforting, and better sleep? A mattress in their crib! 

The crib mattress is small in size, the size of a crib, and protects the child while they sleep. They are designed in such a way that it does not harm the children, usually by using organic products. 

Since infants need the utmost care,  attention, and the best of products, you need to make sure that the mattress you buy for them is suitable for them. You need to purchase the safest infant mattress available. There are several parameters for buying an infant’s crib mattress, such as – 

  • Firmness– Firmer mattresses are usually the best mattress for infants since the soft ones can be quite dangerous for the infant, not to mention the level of comfortability your infant will face. A firm mattress will prevent the child from sinking into the mattress and suffocating, which is known as infant death syndrome.
  • Mattress Size– The mattress size is a must-check while going mattress shopping for your infant’s crib. The mattress should be the same size as the infant’s crib or cot. It should neither be larger nor extremely smaller. If by chance, your infant’s crib is unusually large, you are advised to buy a mattress that is not more than 2 inches smaller than the crib. If it is smaller than that, it is not considered safe. 
  • Airflow You need to check the airflow of the mattress. The mattress should have good enough airflow so that your infant sleeps comfortably, free from sweat and bad odors
  • Consider buying an organic mattress– It’s simple, organic mattresses will be free from any such substances which can pose a threat to your child. Organic materials are good for kids, especially infants.

Kids’ mattress size guide 

A mattress should completely fit the mattress. If they do not, there is an increased chance of injury to the infant. In the market, there are usually 5 types of mattresses- 

  • Mini crib mattress– It is exactly what it sounds like, small cribs which are smaller than normal in size. There are specific designs for that. On average, the mini crib mattresses are 38x24inches wide. They are mainly used as baby cribs, child care centers, and kindergartens. 
  • Toddler bed or crib mattress– Huge, full-size cribs are usually larger than 50 inches and about 6 inches thick. The main and stark difference between the crib mattress and toddler beds is that toddler beds are lower to the ground and without bed guards. 
  • Twin Mattress– These mattresses are made exclusively for twins. They measure 75 inches in length and are around 38 inches broad. Apart from twins, these mattresses are best for children who are transitioning from infants to kids.
  • Twin XL mattress– This 82 inches long mattress is an excellent pick for kids who feel comfortable in some extra space. 
  • Full mattress– They are 75 inches long and 52 inches wide, which makes them 15 inches broader than the twin mattress. For children growing up quickly and those who twist and turn a lot in their sleep, this is the ideal pick. 


We have listed out our 15 best mattress for infant cribs. While selecting the right mattress, you need to look out for the firmness in a mattress for aap sids prevention. Along with that, make sure that the mattress fits your baby’s crib perfectly. There should not be many gaps left. Even if there is, keep in mind that the gaps should not exceed two inches or two fingers. If possible, buy an organic mattress for your infant as it will be allergy-resistant. Buy a mattress that provides excellent airflow for the child to sleep more soundly. 


Q: Are foam mattresses safe for infants? 

Foam mattresses are the lightest option you can find for your kids. Just be sure to pick a mattress that is soft yet firm when you press your hand on the mattress as this type of mattress is the best pick for your infant. If you pick out a mattress that is too soft and sinks the baby in, it can cause suffocation to the kid. 

Q: Do babies sleep better on a firm mattress? 

Yes, babies sleep better on a firm mattress. As infants have not developed bones or muscles properly as we have, they can not do anything on their own in their sleep. So a soft mattress can stop your child from getting the air that they need. 

Q: Do cribs expire? 

Cribs do not usually expire, but it is recommended to change a crib so that it does not harm the kid in any way. Also, when the child grows in height, you do have to change the crib. 

Q: What is a 2 stage crib mattress? 

A 2 stage crib mattress can be used for the infant and toddler by simply switching its sides. One side is firm for infants and the other is soft for toddlers to sleep on.