Different Types of Bad Postures – How to Correct Bad Posture

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Different types of bad posture

Different Types of Bad Posture

Have you ever seen someone who stands, sits, or even walks in an awkward manner? If you have ever observed or even experienced this, then you understand what is meant by the term, ‘poor posture.’  In our previous guide; All about bedwetting, we looked at bedwetting and how it affects our day to day life.

In our desire to look at various issues that make our sleep to be undesirable, today we are going to explore the topic of bad posture. In simple terms, poor posture is a condition that causes some body muscles to be out of shape.

All your body bones and muscles have specific lengths and shapes. Your muscles need to be in perfect shape for you to walk and function normally. If the lengths and shapes of these muscles either reduce or increase significantly, then you end up having an abnormal gait.

Similarly, if your bones get out of shape, then you may end up having a bad posture.

It is the condition that arises from the shortening or lengthening of your body muscles that is called bad posture.


Example of Different Types of Bad Posture

The following are some of the most common examples of bad posture.

  • Types of bad postureKyphosis. A person with this condition usually assumes a posture in which the head is hunched forwards while the neck assumes an extended curvature. This type of bad posture is called ‘forward head.’
  • Lordosis. You probably may have seen someone who seems to have stuck their buttocks backward and the belly forwards. This posture is called lordosis or simply swayback. It is a result of an exaggeration of lordosis, which is the natural curvature of the spine.
  • Flatback. If the lower part of your spine gets disfigured, then you may develop this condition. Individuals who have flatback condition tend to lean forward slightly because their lower backs are flat. Usually, your lower back has a slightly curved shape.

What Can Cause a Bad Posture?

Causes of bad postureNow that we have looked at the different types of bad posture, let us look at what causes them. Many factors can damage your spine or body muscles and cause you to have a bad posture. The following are some of the most important causes of bad posture.

  1. Aging. As you age, your bone density and muscle tone reduce drastically. It is the reduction of bone density and tones of the muscles that cause many older adults to hunch forwards.
  2. Bad sitting habits. Your sitting habits can damage your spine or other bones. For example, if you like slouching on your chair for long hours, then you may end up developing flatback.
  3. Poor lifestyle. If you sit in one place for a long time or you are overweight, the chances are that you will develop any of the different forms of bad posture.

Bad Posture Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of bad posture is the pain in the back. If your back aches constantly, then you may be having one of the common bad posture conditions. Also, if you have any of these conditions, you may start experiencing muscle pains. Some of your muscles will ache because they are forced to support more weight than what they are naturally meant to do.

For example, if you have scoliosis, another common example of bad posture, you may start experiencing intense pain on one side of your rib cage. The course of the pain is that your deformed spine interferes with the distribution of weight in your upper body.

Also, out-of-shape shoulders is another clear symptom of bad posture. Your shoulders may get out of shape because of the uneven way in which the weight of your body is distributed.

If you have any of these symptoms, then you must see a specialist to help you correct the condition. In the case of age-related bad posture, it may take some time for a doctor to correct the condition.


What Bad Posture Can Do to You

Different types of bad posture can have varying degree of harm to humans. If you have a bad posture, then you may not look normal like other people. If you walk around with a flatback condition, you will easily realize that many people are staring at you. All types of bad posture make you look awkward because they interfere with your gait and posture.

In some cases, having a bad posture may make you feel bad about yourself. Your sense of body image largely depends on how you view your appearance in relation to the others. Having any of these conditions makes you feel the odd one out.

Also, most of these conditions are mostly associated with pain and fatigue. If you have lordosis, then you may experience constant aching of your lower back and the chest. The body aches that are associated with these conditions can make you very uncomfortable.


How Do I Improve My Posture?

How to improve bad postureFirst, you can improve your posture by minding your standing position. Often, many people stand in awkward and unbalanced positions like leaning on one leg. If you do this for long and repeatedly, you may interfere with your posture.

You can improve your bad posture by ensuring that when you stand, your legs are slightly apart and your weight rests heavily on the balls of your feet. You should also avoid leaning forwards or backward when standing as a way of improving your posture.

Second, you need to be very careful with your sitting position. It is easy for you to cross your legs or slouch on your sit while seated. However, these are bad practices that you should avoid for you to improve your posture. Always sit upright and ensure that your head does not bend on one side.

Also, for you to improve your bad posture, make sure that you sleep on a firm mattress. It is important to use a pillow while sleeping to help correct any bad posture problem that you may have on your back.

Lastly, you can improve your posture by carrying out a range of special physical exercises that have been designed for the purpose.  


Best Posture Correctors

If you have a bad posture, you need not to despair because there is hope. You can comfortably correct your bad posture by using any of the following posture correctors that are currently available on the market.

1. Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace

  • It has a unique design that makes it one of the most effective braces on the market.
  • It is highly durable because it is made of a special mixture of polyester, nylon, and rubber.
  • It has special straps to help you use it easily.

If you have a badly shaped spine and back, then you can get relief from your condition by using the Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Brace. The product comes in highly versatile designs that you can have fun using. Besides, this brace is highly effective for persons of all ages who may have lower back problems  as it works perfectly.

The BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt is the perfect brace for you. If you have any of the kinds of bad posture condition that are associated with a deformed spine, then you can use this brace.

You will find it easy and comfortable to use this product and get amazing results as far as correcting your bad posture is concerned.

Best back correctors

2. AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

  • It is very effective in relieving pain related to conditions such as scoliosis and others.
  • It comes in a variety sizes so that you can choose what fits you perfectly.
  • Its front side has a small curvature to make it ideal for your use.

You can use the AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt if you have any of the common bad posture conditions. This device is ideal for anyone who needs a good brace to correct a deformed lower back.

You can rely on this product because it is highly effective and durable, thanks to the combination of materials that have been used to manufacture it.

Best back correctors

3. Back Brace Posture Corrector

  • This posture corrector has been specially designed to correct all forms of bad posture in men and women.
  • The straps of this back brace have been specially cushioned to make it very comfortable for you to use this the product.
  • The product comes with a booklet that contains comprehensive guidance on how to exercise.

Whether you have lower or upper back pain, you can rely on the Back Brace Posture Corrector by Flexguard Support to help you correct the problem. This product has been found to be very effective in correcting damaged spines and muscles.

Best back correctors

4. Leramed Posture Corrector

  • It is ideal for men and women.
  • The posture corrector is made of very tough material and a soft finishing to make it tough but comfortable to use.
  • It corrects a broad range of bad posture conditions such as those related to the shoulders as well as the lower back.

You only have to use this device for a short time for you to correct your back problem. Moreover, this posture corrector comes in universal size with adjustable straps. Thus, you can comfortably use it regardless of your body size.

You can bid back pains and other effects of a bad posture goodbye today by starting to use the Leramed Posture Corrector.

Best back correctors


5. Andego Back Posture Corrector

  • It has been specially designed to be worn under your ordinary clothes.
  • It is highly adjustable.
  • Men and women can use this posture corrector.
  • It is offered on a money-back guarantee arrangement.

The Andego Back Posture Corrector is one of the best products that you can use to correct any back-related posture problem. You can comfortably wear this posture corrector under your clothes, and no one will ever realize that you have it.

The good news about using the Andego Back Posture Corrector is that it is highly efficient; you only have to use it for a short time to see the changes.


Best back correctors


Can Going to A Chiropractor Help With Posture?

A chiropractor can help you manage your bad posture condition. Here are some of the things that a good chiropractor can help you do if you have a posture-related problem.The specialist will first assess the severity of your condition before they recommend any corrective measure.


Your chiropractor will also determine all the different ways in which your condition is affecting you. For example, if you have the flatback condition, your chiropractor can evaluate you and figure out how the condition is affecting your gait.

A good chiropractor will recommend the right and most effective exercises that you can use to correct the condition.Also, your chiropractor will evaluate the extent to which the exercises are effective.

In some cases, the exercises that individuals use may fail to help them overcome the bad posture condition. In such a case, a good chiropractor will recommend other suitable exercises.

You can see that it may be a good idea to visit your chiropractor when you have a bad posture condition. You should remember that a chiropractor is a specialist in helping individual exercise for overall body fitness. Therefore, you can rely on one to help you overcome the bad posture position and regain your perfect gait.


Exercises for Bad Posture

Hip flexor stretchThe hip flexor stretch is one of the best exercises that you can use to correct your bad posture. For you to do this exercise, all you have to do is kneel on one knee while holding out the other one. While your arms are on the held-out knee, you can repeatedly twitch your abdominal muscles to correct various posture-related problems.

The hip flexor stretch can be an effective way of relieving hip pain that is caused by bad posture problems arising from an out-of-shape lower part of the spine.

Another useful exercise is the core stabilizer. Primarily, you can use this exercise to improve the spine, back, and shoulders.

While lying flat on your back and your hands under your head, you can slowly and alternately lift your folded knee to the level of your stomach. By doing this exercise, you can effectively overcome pain associated with lower and upper back problems.

There are many other exercises that you can do to correct posture problems. Whereas you can only do some exercises in a gym and with the help of your chiropractor, there are many many exercises that you can do at home.




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