The original Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Hybrid, and Puffy Royal Hybrid are the three main mattress models offered by Puffy. However, many a times, customers get confused which one to get home. That’s exactly why you need to go through this Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews.

Through this article, we will be diving deeper into the Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews. The article has everything from the packaging, and structure to the company policies, and features. Of course, above all as always our verdict and recommendations.  

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Reviews:

Delivery And Unboxing: 

When it comes to Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews, lets first discuss how well Puffy does with it’s delivery and unboxing services.

The Puffy Lux mattress comes with free shipping and handling. Once you order a new Lux Hybrid Mattress, FedEx will send you the same within two to five days of your order date. You can receive it right at your doorstep without being in the hassle of carrying it yourself all the way down to your home. 

However, do take note that the packaging will weigh around 90 pounds. So, when it does arrive, you should have some helping hands to carry it to your room and unbox it. It can be uncomfortable and challenging to lift and maneuver it alone.

If there is one thing that will be troublesome, it will be the time the Lux mattresses consume to regain their complete shape after it is unpacked. 

Theoretically, the mattress should regain its shape instantaneously, considering it is made up of memory foam material. However, in most cases, the average time to regain the original shape and size is around 24 to 48 hours. 

You will likely need to wait a day or two before using the mattress. Moreover, after returning to its original size, you will have to wait for another day or two for the mattress to regain its firmness.

Now you have got to decide whether or not you would like to wait for the time duration mentioned, or you simply cannot stand the idea of waiting for so long. 

Inner Construction of Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

Best Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Reviews In 2022

Originally an all-foam mattress, the Puffy Lux mattress is now a hybrid with four main layers. The mattress comes with a thickness of 12 inches. To make a choice a lot easier for you, we have jotted down the complete construction of the Lux Hybrid Mattress below. 

  • Base layer: The bed’s bottom is made of a layer of Contour-Adapt Coil technology. This is what we refer to as while mentioning the foundation of the mattress. 
  • Transition layer – The brand’s “Climate Comfort Foam” is a layer that sits on top of the support foam. Don’t be misled by the fancy language; this layer serves only as a transition from the solid foam beneath.
  • Next, the bed uses a layer of “Plush Dual Cloud Foam,” according to the manufacturer. Actually, the Puffy Lux mattress is the only one to feature this layer. It is made to fit the contours of your body and offers substantial pressure relief.
  • Finally, a layer of what the company refers to as its “Cooling Cloud Foam” is placed on top. This layer acts as the mattress’ actual comfort layer. It has gel infusion and a startling memory foam-like texture.
  • Cover that is machine washable – A soft, detachable cover that the manufacturer claims are stain-resistant is wrapped around the four layers of foam. The cover appears to be quite cozy and soft to the touch. 

Just so you know, the company uses a unique variable pressure manufacturing process to create its foams, which eliminates dangerous chemicals. As a result, every foam in the mattress has received the CertiPUR certification, certified sleep science coach certifying that it has passed tests to ensure it complies with CertiPUR-US requirements for emissions, performance, and durability. In particular, it guarantees that harmful substances like mercury, lead, and heavy metals are not used in foam production.

What Does The Puffy Lux Feel Like?

Is the Puffy hybrid mattress for everyone? Off course not! Then who is it for? Well we are about to reveal it through this Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews. Stick with us till the end.

You will gradually sink into the Puffy Lux mattress’s foam layers as you sleep. Because of its plush dual cloud foam layer, moving around or changing positions while sleeping won’t be a problem. Moreover,  The Puffy Lux Hybrid lacks a conventional bouncing feel despite having a layer of sturdy coils at the bottom.

Sleepers with Average Weights: 130 to 230 lbs.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid should perform remarkably well for people who are average-weight sleepers. Back sleepers should experience support from the coils below and comfort from the foam layers above. The company’s distinctive slow-moving foam should provide pressure alleviation for side sleepers.

However, stomach sleepers will find this mattress to be overly soft. If you prefer to sleep in this position, you should look for a firmer bed. In this manner, your hips won’t get misaligned, and you’ll be less likely to experience lower back pain in the long run. See our selections for the top firm mattresses for back pain for more details.

Heavy-duty sleepers above 230 lbs.

Even though they will sink into the foam layers, heavier back and side sleepers should still feel sufficient support. However, people closer to 300 lbs could want something customized for their body type.

Heavy stomach sleepers will notice slightly dipping their hips into the foam layers. As a result, back pain could develop later. We advise those in this category to get one of the best mattresses for heavier persons.

Sleepers who are light—under 130 lbs.

Lightweight back and side sleepers should still experience pressure relief on the mattress puffy lux, even if they don’t sink too far into the comfort layers. While some thin stomach sleepers could get the support they require, most people will require a significantly firmer mattress.

Sleep Quality

In the end, you us and everyone needs one thing from mattress, quality sleep. So, what does our Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews has got to say on this? Let’s find out!

The mattress has a six-layer sleep system meant to increase its breathability, contouring, and pain-relieving properties.

The cooling cloud layer guarantees a healthy night’s sleep by maintaining your body temperature within a comfortable range. You may benefit from a cooling mattress and sophisticated temperature control with this bed.

The Lux Hybrid mattress offers excellent back support, particularly under the shoulders. Its thoughtful combination of pressure reduction, comfort, and support contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Reviews: The Basic Features

There are some basic features that you must look into no matter which mattress you are thinking of purchasing. We have got you covered for puffy mattress through this Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews.


After a few months of testing, we have come up with a rating of 5 out of 10. Well, the mattress lies in between medium and too soft. It is a bit softer than medium. 

More so than sitting on top of the mattress, you sink into it, which relies pressure on your joints and curves. Although it doesn’t do the best job of preventing the back from sinking into the mattress, a person under 150 pounds could find it to be more supportive.


Comfort is one of the key aspects that one has got to check no matter what. And since it is so important how could we leave it out in this Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews. No way!

Four distinct layers would be layered on top of one another if you were to cut open the mattress. I’ll give you a summary of the 12-inch bed’s construction instead of advising you to wreck your mattress to see inside:

1. A pocketed coil system of seven inches coils called Contour Adapt by Puffy. To reinforce the edges and make them seem robust and sturdy when you lie on the edge of your bed, it is surrounded with dense foam all the way around.

2. The mattress’s smooth memory foam mattress puffy feels that conforms to your curves is aided with Cooling Cloud foam.

3. The bed’s warm cloud sensation is aided by the plush Dual Cloud foam, which is a comfy foam.

4. In order to create a barrier between the coils and the various foams above, Climate Comfort foam serves as a transition layer. Its ability to drain moisture away gives it the ability to withstand dampness.

5. An allergy-friendly cover Puffy refers to as stain-resistant. It is machine-washable in case you need to clean up something. However, we wouldn’t recommend making a special effort to verify this claim.

Motion isolation

Despite being a hybrid mattress with coils, the Puffy Lux does a great job of minimizing motion transfer. All credit goes to the upper layers of memory foam since they perfectly absorb movements. Now, why is that important? Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be disturbed when your partner moves in the middle of the night. 

Edge support

This is where the Puffy Lux beats other mattresses of the same price range. With the steel coil installed, the strength of the bed’s support system remains intact. In fact, the mattress is also reinforced twice with strong, dense foam. You won’t feel like you’re about to roll off the side if you’re pushed to the end by your kicker spouse. 


The Cooling Cloud foam in this bed is not what it sounds like. It won’t feel particularly cool. On the other hand, it won’t get any warmer either. The temperature of your room, your pajamas, the area you reside in, and whether or not you sleep with a spouse will likely have a higher impact on how warm you become while you sleep than the Puffy Lux; from our point of view, the temperature is quite neutral. 

Company Guidelines

What next in our Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews? Well, how could we forget the company policies. Here’s everything you need to know!

It is always a good idea to look at the fine print while choosing a new mattress. We always recommend our readers go through the policies set by the company for warranty, free trials, sleep tests, and return policies. To make it easier for you, we have listed the company guidelines below: 

Sleep test

There is a 101-night trial period for this mattress.

Return Procedure

During the 101-night sleep trial, you can return your product for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Warranty Details

A lifetime warranty backs the puffy lux memory foam mattress.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Vs. Mattress Of Other Brands:

Now that we have covered almost everything in our Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews, the only thing that you should look at is how well Puffy does when compared to other mattresses.

Let’s have a look of the comparison between Lux hybrid mattress with other mattresses including the Emma mattress, Nectar, Casper Nova hybrid mattress and a lot more. 

Puffy Mattress Vs. Emma Mattress: 

When choosing a mattress, we scroll through different reviews, and while doing so, we guarantee you have come across both Puff and Emma Mattresses. Emma is a global icon due to its highly successful marketing strategies. With the german edition of the mattresses solely focusing on spinal alignment and temperature control, can they beat Puff’s originality? 

Well, there’s no way Emma will be a match for Puff when it comes to the choices offered. Puff has its original and premium versions of mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, covers, etc. However, Emma does has the pricing factor in its favor. 

Puff Mattress Vs. Nectar Mattress: 

This is one of the interesting part of the Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews!

The New York-based mattress company Nectar was one of the fastest-growing businesses in America when it emerged. The foam technology used by nectar and Puff is quite similar. Hence, we will be differentiating them on the basis of the price and availability of different models. 

After checking out all the models available by both brands, we have finally arrived at the conclusion that Nectar is better than Puff both in terms of variety and pricing.

However, the issue with Nectar is that they do not offer their services outside of the US. On the other hand, Puff only operates in Canada. Basically, there’s no way these two best brands are clashing with each other in dominating the market. 

Puff Mattress Vs. Nolah Mattress: 

The Nolah Original is an all-foam bed renowned for its cool sleeping qualities and sensitive, almost springy sensation.

Most aficionados of memory foam and those looking for superior pressure reduction and spinal alignment favor the Puffy. For hot sleepers and persons who toss and turn, the Nolah performs better than the Puffy in terms of heat retention and ease of mobility. Both make terrific mattresses for couples as well as light to moderate-weight individuals in all sleeping positions.

The Puffy is the perfect mattress for people who prefer the conforming cradle of traditional memory foam beds because of its memory foam construction. But Nolah’s responsive and breathable design is ideal if you’re a hot sleeper or a combo sleeper who moves around a lot while you’re asleep.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Size Options And Price: 

Size DimensionPrice
California King72’’*84’’1999
Twin XL38’’*80”1499

Whom Do We Recommend The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress?

In the end, you might be wondering, who exactly is the Puff Lux Hybrid Mattress for? Although we have given a glimpse of each feature in detail, here’s how we would like to put it in a nutshell. The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is the best fit for: 

Lighter sleepers: Lighter sleepers can sink more deeply into the materials and relieve pressure from their joints for additional comfort because of the deeper compression provided by the 5′′ of foam in the comfort layers. Lighter sleepers under 150 lbs. can benefit from this as well.

Less than 230lb: As long as you weigh less than 230 lbs., the coils and foam should be able to support you in the front and back sleeping positions.

Side Sleepers: For side sleepers who want a more comfortable night’s sleep, the adaptable foam in the upper layers is perfect for alleviating strain on your hips and shoulders.

Restless sleeper: Adaptive foam can assist relieve pressure areas on your body that may be causing you to toss and turn at night if you are a restless sleeper.

Allergy Issues: The Puffy Lux Hybrid foams are devoid of substances that would otherwise trigger an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

Back pain: The Puffy Lux Hybrid has the potential to help certain people with their back discomfort because the foam conforms to your own body shape to offer more individualized support and pressure alleviation.

Skinny sleepers: If your body fat percentage is smaller than average, the soft, adaptable foam will relieve pressure spots on your body, including your ribs, shoulders, hips, elbows, and knees.

Couples: The Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews says that the mattress makes no noise and motions are not felt because each coil and piece of foam is individually protected.


Like any other variety of mattresses, the Puffy hybrid mattress has its pros and cons. Through this Puffy Lux hybrid mattress reviews we have tried to cover both the aspects. While the mattress is unsuitable for some, it can turn out to be the best fit for others. Whether you will or won’t like the mattress depends on your sleep, weight, postural issues, and much more. 

With this article stating all the features, pros, cons, and comparisons with other mattresses, you can surely work your decisions quite easily. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a mattress with the durability of innerspring and memory foam comfort while keeping the coolness and maintaining the curve of your spine. This one is just for you!

FAQ On Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress: ading Text

Do I have to flip the Puffy Hybrid Mattress? 

Since these hybrid mattresses have layers over layers, you do not have to flip them. 

What are the best kinds of bed frames or foundations that go well with the Puffy Lux Hybrid?

The Puffy hybrid mattress can be set up on nearly all types of foundation or bed frame wooden slats. You can go for the slatted bed frame, flatbed frame, or even the adjustable one. 

Are there any warranties or trial periods for Puffy mattresses?

Yes, all of Puffy’s mattresses come with a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime guarantee. During the sleep trial period, you can return the Puffy mattress for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with how it feels.