Random Bedwetting in Adults – All You Need to Know

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adult bedwettingRandom bedwetting in adults can be a real menace. Even though many people associate bedwetting with children, sometimes adults experience this problem too. It is, however, worth noting that bedwetting among adults is not the same as the one that children experience. There are many causes of adult bedwetting ranging from, a problem with your bladder, medical condition or a certain medication that you may be under.

Bedwetting is very embarrassing to an adult which is why many of them do not like to talk about. This difference may not remove the embarrassment that you may feel but you have to know that bedwetting among adults is not voluntary and is therefore certainly not your fault.


What can Cause Random Bedwetting in Adults?

There are various factors that can make a grown man or woman wet the bed. The following are some of these factors.

The size of your bladder

A smaller functional bladder can cause you to wet the bed because our brain will be sending signals to alert your body that your bladder is full when actually it is not yet full.


A disease like diabetes can make you wet your bed. The reason being that diabetes will prevent your body from making adequate amounts of the Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH), the hormone that enables the bladder to hold higher urine volumes. Other medical conditions that can cause bedwetting include urinary tract stones, bladder cancer or prostate cancer.

Type of medication

There are medicines which can cause bedwetting. For instance, those that are used to treat schizophrenia, epilepsy, and medicines that induce deep sleep. Antipsychotic medicines such as Clozapine and Risperidone can cause bedwetting.

Deep sleep

Deep sleepers are among those likely to suffer from bedwetting. These are people who sleep heavily such that they may not hear the wailing siren of a fire truck as they sleep.

Higher alcohol intake

Excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine can contribute to the instability of the bladder. This is because they act as diuretics by increasing the production of urine. A high amount of alcohol in the body interferes with various mechanisms in your body thereby increasing the likelihood of you bedwetting.

Can Wetting the Bed be Caused by Stress?

bedwetting due to stressAbsolutely. This is because stress interferes with most of the body’s usual sleep patterns in more ways than one. One way is that stress makes you restless. Being restless automatically means that your metabolism rate is going to increase which results in an increase in the amount of urine that is produced as you are sleeping.

Therefore, when you are stressed, you could just sleep for an hour and have a full bladder as opposed to sleeping for several hours and not getting the urge to urinate. Quite often, most of the dreams involving a search for the bathroom or urinating are in fact as a result of your bladder being full and you actually needing to pass urine.

Stress also affects your nervous system. Your body has two types of muscles; the voluntary and the involuntary muscles. These muscles are controlled by the nervous system. When the body is not stressed, it easily manages both of these muscles. This control is lost by the body when it is under stress (this is when you are stressed). When stressed, your voluntary and involuntary muscles will behave erratically. Muscle twitching, weak muscles, involuntary tremors and bladder control problems are examples of such erratic behavior of your muscles.

Bedwetting Underwear for Teens

Bedwetting is even worse for teenagers who are more concerned about fitting it with their peers. It can be awfully embarrassing when their friends find out that they wet their bed at night. They are going to be preoccupied worrying about hiding their bedwetting problem such that they won’t even enjoy being in social situations.

To save yourself from the embarrassment of wet sheets especially if you have gone to your friend’s for a sleepover or in case your friends like to show up in your room uninvited, why not get yourself the disposable pants that are absorbent? These pants are designed in such a way that they are not noticeable when you put them on. You just wear them while changing into your pajamas and be ready to enjoy a stress-free and dry sleep.


The three best bedwetting under wears available on Amazon include the following:

Goodnites Underwear – Boy – Small/Medium – 26 ct

Goodnites Bedtime Pants can be worn by girls who weigh between 38 and 65 lbs. These are girls with clothing sizes ranging from 4-8. Compared to training pants, these underwears have 40% more absorbency than the training pants. They have 25% stretcher sides so that they move and fit like the normal underwear.  They are very comfortable when worn and provide discreet protection for bedwetting. They are simply worn under the pajama.

These underwears can be used by both boys and girls and once you get them you won’t have to worry about washing beddings. This underpants does not look like the diaper but rather they are made to look like the normal underwear.

bedwetting pads

 GoodNites Underwear – Girl – Small/Medium – 26 ct

These pants are made by GoodNites to fit girls weighing between 38 and 65 lbs. These are girls whose clothing sizes range between 4 and 8.

They have 40% more absorbency compared to training pants. Protection is zoned in where it’s needed most and they have 25% stretcher sides so they fit and move like the usual underwear. They are very comfortable and they provide discreet bedwetting protection so you don’t have to worry about others finding out about your teenager’s bedwetting problem. Plus they are designed in the new and fun Disney Tinker Bell creations.

They are eligible the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) purchase.

bedwetting pads

Babyfriend Teen/Adult Reusable Cloth Diaper Pants Waterproof Underwear

This is cute bedwetting underwear for both boys and girls. It comes with a free diaper cover that makes it cute. It is very stretchy and the diaper does not hang on to your body so you won’t have to worry about being comfortable while wearing it.

It comes in one size, XL with a waist that fits those between waist size of 32.67 and 37.4 inches, and a hip size of 41.33 inches.

Its outer side is made of polyester which is waterproof and the inner side is made of polar fleece for that dry and comfortable feeling.

bedwetting pads

Bedwetting Underwear for Boys

According to statistics, 5 out of every 100 kids wet their beds while sleeping at night. Among these children who wet their beds, boys are the majority meaning that boys are more likely to  wet their beds compared to girls.

The reason for this could be the fact that girls mature faster than boys which means that they acquire bladder control earlier on before boys do.

So instead of going through the stress of changing the beddings in the middle of the night, why not get yourself the bedwetting underpants for your boy child? The following are some of the best bedwetting underwears made specifically for boys.


GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear for Boys, S-M, 44 Ct. 

With these bedwetting underwears made by GoodNites, you get 40% more protection from leaking as you sleep. This is more than the protection provided by some of the leading training pants. This protection enables your child to sleep peacefully.

These underwears also fit much better because they have stretchy sides and Double Leg Barriers to help prevent leaks and also to provide a superb fit no matter the body’s size and shape.

In addition, they have an amazing absorbency because they have a 5 Layer Protection and an added absorbency where boys mostly need it so as to reduce odors and at the same time, lock away wetness.

bedwetting pads


Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Boys Size L/XL, 42 Count, SUPER

This underwear from Pampers, another trusted brand when it comes to bedwetting products, has a nightlock ultra-absorbent core that captures and holds wetness overnight. With this underwear, your child can stay dry throughout the night and be able to start the next day in a good mood.

These underwears are made with a cloth-like material that is breathable and very comfortable and a low waistband. Plus it fits just like the normal underwear. It is made of a quiet material for the purpose of discretion. The low waist also makes it discreet.

They also feature graphics and brief-like designs that make them look just like an underwear.

bedwetting pads


Super Undies Bedwetting Nighttime Underwear Bat Boy (Dark Blue) Size 3 (X Large) 6-9 Yr Old

These bedwetting underwears are for boys aged between 6 and 9 years, with a weight ranging from 40 to 65 lbs. They are able to absorb up to 450ml of liquid and have an internal system which is able to absorb even more than this.

They are made with two separate absorption pads that have microfiber inside them. It is this microfiber that gives it the ability to absorb up to 450ml of liquid, or urine in this case.

They are relatively cheap which makes it easier for you to manage your child’s bedwetting as you won’t have to worry about the cost of regularly purchasing these bedwetting underwears.

bedwetting pads


 Bedwetting Underwear for Girls

Just like boys, girls also wet their beds, even though not as much as boys. When it comes to bedwetting underwears for girls, style matters. The cuteness of the underwear apart from its functionality is a matter of priority.

The bedwetting underwears are a great stepping stone in ensuring that your child is on their way to overcome bedwetting. They enable your child to enjoy a peaceful night, help them be more confident and stay happy.

There are many absorbent pants made for girls that are available in the market currently. One thing that all these pants have in common is that they are made to ensure discretion and to also look just like the regular underwear.

The following are some of the best bedwetting underwears for girls.


GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear for Girls, S-M, 44 Ct.


This cute girls’ bedwetting underwear is made by GoodNite, one of the leading brands when it comes to NightTime Protection.

This underwear provides 40% more protection than some of the leading training pants and also help your child to sleep well at night.

It features a 5 layer protection for that extra absorbency where girls need for the pur[pose of locking away wetness and reducing odors.

Furthermore, it has stretchy sides and Double Leg Barriers so as to prevent leaks and offer a great fit no matter the body size and shape.

For the purpose of fitting every kid, these pants are made in different sizes: L-XL (60-125+lb), S-M (38-65 lb) and XS (28-45 lb)

bedwetting pads

GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear for Girls.

This is another bedwetting underwear by GoodNites made for girls aged 3 years or older.

It offers better protection by featuring a 5-layer protection and an extra absorbency where girls mostly need it, and hence locks away wetness and reduce odors.

It is also 40% more absorbent than the 4T-5T training pants which are the leading training pants. They also help your child have a more restful sleep at night.

They also have Double Leg Barriers and sides which are super stretchy to help prevent leaks while at the same time providing a great fit for numerous body sizes and shapes.

Its beautiful designs include Disney Elena of Avalor (S-M), Disney Princess Ariel (XS) and owls and butterflies design for the large and extra large sizes.

bedwetting pads

Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Girls Size S/M, 50 Count, SUPER

This bedwetting underwear from Pampers is made for girls who weigh between 38 to 65 lbs. They are made with Pampers Leak Protection to ensure that your little girl stays dry throughout the night.

To ensure a happy morning which is a dry morning, this underwear has the NightLock technology that locks away wetness for that dry morning. Plus, to give your daughter the privacy she needs, it is made in a cloth-like quite material. It also features a low waist for that extra discretion.

It is made to look like the regular underwear so as to allow the skin to breathe.

bedwetting pads


How to Stop Bedwetting Naturally

Generally speaking, the problem of bedwetting resolves on its own. However, in some cases, there might be the need to put in place some natural management techniques and remedies so as to help those suffering from this problem.

Stop blaming

Getting angry and punishing your child for wetting their bed will only pressurize them, even more, to stay dry and hence worsen the problem. It is advisable that instead of making it look like a big deal that your child has wet their bed, console them instead and offer them comfort. It is important that you talk to your child about it and remind them that they are not the only ones who wet their beds and that it is not unusual in their age group. If it is your bedwetting, then stop blaming yourself.

No drinks prior to bedtime

Another way is to reduce the number of fluids that you or your child takes before going to bed. It is advisable that to prevent bedwetting, fluids are taken at least four hours before bedtime. By doing this the urge to urinate at night will be reduced and therefore there will be no incidences of bedwetting.

Avoid coffee and tea

Tea and coffee have diuretic properties. This means that they increase the amount of urine in your body and end up making you urinate frequently. Therefore avoid any drink that contains caffeine like chocolates, energy drinks, and soft drinks so that you avoid bedwetting.

Make trips to the bathroom before bedtime

Make sure that your child visits the bathroom and empties their bladder before going to bed. This also applies to adults with the bedwetting problem. When the bladder is emptied, the chance to wet the bed is reduced.

Even though these methods don’t cure bedwetting, they are effective ways of ensuring the bed stays dry throughout the night. In the long run, your child will outgrow bedwetting.

 Here are other cool bedwetting underwear you may need to look at!



















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