Ever since memory foam and hybrid mattresses are introduced, there has been a tug of war between which one is better. Basically there has been a hybrid versus memory foam! While some people find hybrid mattresses perfect for their beds, others go for a memory foam mattress. So, is there any hard and fast rule before purchasing these mattresses? Well, there isn’t, but there are certain things you should consider before finding out which mattresses you should purchase. 

Through this article, we will be helping you with the details of each mattress along with their pros and cons, and finally, the verdict on memory foam mattress versus hybrid mattresses will be passed. Keep scrolling! 

Quick Comparision: Memory Foam Mattress Versus Hybrid

FeatureMemory Foam MattressHybrid Mattress
CoolingIt is less breathable.Highly breathable
Noise LevelNoneNoise due to coils
Motion IsolationStrong IsolationDependent on the quality of the coil
CostComparatively lessExpensive
MaterialFoamCombination of spring and Foam
ResponsivenessNot responsive as there is strong isolationdepends on the quality used

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattress

Before getting into the discussion on foam versus hybrid mattress let’s first understand what is a memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress comprises several layers of various types of foam. This bed style is designed to conform to your curves as you sleep, relieving pressure spots (such as those on your back, shoulders, and hips) and minimizing overall aches and pains. They accomplish this by softening the cloth and shaping it to your body for enhanced support and comfort.

Different Types Of Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam mattresses are generally categorized into three types. Here’s what it is!

Traditional memory foam mattress: 

These are memory foam mattresses with a tight cell architecture, making them denser. There is no added cooling in these mattress kinds; however, a cooling gel can be inserted.

These were launched in the 1990s to improve blood circulation and decrease joint stress. Because this mattress absorbs heat, it is unsuitable for hot and humid areas.

Memory foam mattress with open cells:

These mattresses are known to be far less thick than typical traditional memory foam mattresses. These are often considered to be airflow memory foam mattress. It has an open-cell construction and can be relied on to provide an improved and constant airflow while one uses the mattress.

Usage. In fact, these mattresses eliminate the sinking sensation that is common with regular memory foam mattresses.

Furthermore, you can employ a cooling memory foam mattress to increase the cooling effect. Because the mattress responds quickly to body temperature, it provides comfortable sleep with minimal disruption.

Mattress with gel memory foam:

Memory foam mattresses are frequently blamed for getting too warm. To put a stop to this, gel mattresses were introduced. This sort of mattress efficiently draws away from body heat, ensuring cool and restful sleep for the users.

Aside from decreasing heat, the gel mattress relieves strain on the joints. To provide the benefits above, the top layer of this mattress might be made of gel, graphite, or copper.

Advantages Of Memory Foam Mattress:

In order to draw a valid comparison between memory foam or hybrid better, let’s discuss the benefits memory foam mattress.

Provides a comfortable sleeping position

These mattresses have a robust character that allows for a pleasant and secure resting posture since the memory foam substance is appropriately distributed to an individual’s body weight. People who sleep on their stomachs will notice that their spine is perfectly aligned.

Resistance to Motion Transfer

The majority of people experience sleep disruption as a result of their spouses’ movements. Memory foam mattresses have a unique property that limits motion transmission. It absorbs energy and reduces the impacts of motion that might cause a disturbance, making it a good choice for couples or individuals who share a bed.


A memory foam mattress is constructed of polyurethane, formed from fibers, and it helps prevent allergies from producing dust mites within the bed. Because memory foam is hypoallergenic, it can also prevent allergens from accumulating due to its thick structure. As a result, it can be beneficial for persons who have respiratory issues or are allergic to certain foods.

Pain Relief

Memory foam mattresses give comparable comfort that aids in the relief of pain, discomfort, and body aches. Because the pain areas of your body have a somewhat greater temperature than the rest, memory foam materials apply a good amount of pressure to them.

Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress:

You are yet one step closer to which is better hybrid or memory foam mattress. Have a look at some of the most common disadvantages of a memory foam mattresses.

Unpleasant Odor:

Even though these substances are not harmful to humans, some may emit a disagreeable odor. They can smell terrible if not properly ventilated. This might not be the case for all memory foam mattresses, although some of them are.

Too warm:

One of the major disadvantages of memory foam mattresses is that they are quite heated. It is usually hotter than the temperature required by certain individuals, making it an unsuitable choice for summer or for persons living in hotter climates.

Instead, these mattresses are a great option for folks in chilly climates.


One of the benefits is the capacity to build the precise shape of a person’s body; nevertheless, this might be a drawback for certain people.

Memory foam can adopt the shape of the person using the mattress, giving some individuals the sensation of sinking in or being stuck in bed.

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

Well, you have got enough idea about a memory foam mattress, but before we go to the memory foam mattress versus hybrid mattresses comparison you must have a glimpse of hybrid mattresses as well. Now that you have learned about a memory foam mattress, it will be easier to understand what a hybrid mattress is. If we get to it simply, a hybrid mattress is a combination of two mattresses, the coil mattress that provides the comfy couch and the foam mattress, be it memory, gel, or latex. 

Advantages Of Hybrid Mattress:

Now, before jumping into the final verdict on memory foam mattress versus hybrid mattresses the only thing that remains is the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid mattresses.

It’s Extremely Comfortable!

These mattresses are considered to be the most comfortable mattresses one can come across. With different layers paired with pocket-coil springs, you will have a weightless feeling, similar to sleeping in a five-star hotel bed.

It is suitable for all sleeping positions.

These mattresses are great for joint and back support, no matter the position you are sleeping in. No matter how you sleep, on your stomach, side, or back you can always expect a supportive and peaceful sleep environment.

It can be customized per your demand.

Hybrid mattresses are available with a range of characteristics to meet each person’s demands. For example, you may choose between an innerspring system or a pocket-coil spring. For the comfort layers, you might also use different foams, including gel foam, memory foam, or latex foam. Hybrid mattresses also provide a wider range of hardness options, allowing you to pick between a mattress as soft as cotton and one as stiff as it gets.

Offers Adequate Edge Support

The amount of resistance provided around the edges of a mattress is referred to as edge support. Less drooping and slumping towards the edge equals more edge support. A hybrid mattress’s built-in edge support enhances the sleeping surface area and minimizes drooping. So, if you are rolling towards the edge of your present mattress, don’t worry.

Breathable and light

Hybrid mattresses with built-in cooling technology are an excellent alternative if you have a higher body temperature or reside in a warmer climate.

A hybrid mattress’ coils enable air to flow through the core and do not retain heat like traditional beds. Furthermore, gel beads added to certain hybrid versions evaporate body heat and keep it cold.

Disadvantage Of Hybrid Mattress: 

We are yet to compare memory foam mattress versus hybrid mattresses including the factor which is better for back pain. In other words, we will also be looking into memory foam vs hybrid mattress for back pain.

We are just held back by one last topic. So, have a quick look at the disadvantages and we are all set for the comparison.

It can become noisy with time.

After several uses for a long period, you might soon be able to hear sounds while getting on your mattress. This happens when the coil breaks. If you have got kids in your home, we wouldn’t recommend getting a hybrid mattress. 

Poor Motion Transfer:

Motion transmission is not what you should be expecting from a hybrid mattress. If your companion takes turns while sleeping on a hybrid mattress, you will be able to feel it more being on the other side. 

It is heavier

In terms of weight, a hybrid mattress is heavier than an innerspring mattress. It employs several materials and provides the benefits of each. An innerspring mattress may have coils, but a foam mattress does not. A hybrid mattress is a better option for people who are bigger than usual. A medium-firm hybrid will provide adequate support if you are overweight or obese.

Might Not Fit Your Budget: 

Let’s face it now! Hybrid mattresses are way more expensive than normal mattresses. They are not suitable for persons on a tight budget. However, investing in one might be advantageous in the long term.

Memory Foam Mattress Versus Hybrid:

So, memory foam mattress versus hybrid which one is better? Well, that depends on you and your requirements only. They both are equally essential to cater to different requirements altogether.

In order to reduce motion transmission and alleviate pressure, hybrid mattresses and memory foam frequently employ thick comfort systems. Although memory foam mattress comes from memory foam material, several versions of the mattress have added additional elements to improve overall comfort. 

The comfort system of a hybrid may include more materials, such as latex, polyfoam, memory foam, micro coils, fiber, or a mix of multiple materials.

Many models feature transitional layers beneath their comfort systems. Polyfoam is widely used in memory foam and hybrid mattresses to minimize excessive sinkage and relieve pressure. Transition layers of memory foam and latex are also prevalent, and some hybrid versions include micro coils.

Memory Foam Mattress Versus Hybrid: When Should You Choose Memory Foam Mattress?

If your major requirements are as mentioned below, you should go for memory foam mattresses without blinking.

  • You sleep on your side.
  • You spend the entire night in the same position.
  • You enjoy sinking into your mattress.
  • You suffer from allergies.
  • You sleep soundly.
  • You wish to save money.

Memory Foam Mattress Versus Hybrid: When Should You Choose Hybrid Mattress?

If you have got the following requirements, choose a hybrid mattress over memory foam mattresses anytime.

  • At night, you toss and turn.
  • You do not want to sink into your bed.
  • You are larger or heavier than normal.
  • You’ve been sleeping with someone else and are seeking an answer.
  • The budget is unimportant.

Wrapping It Up: 

The verdict time for memory foam mattress versus hybrid! You might have understood that each mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages. While memory foam fits well for people with allergies and who sleep on a side, hybrid mattresses do. It’s a wonder for people looking for a comfy yet can toss and turn easily.