Are you among those who feel sweaty and hot day and night finding it quite difficult to have a nap or deep sleep? Luckily we have always got a solution for your sleep problems. 

In order to conquer the sunny days and have an awesome bedtime, you can either get a completely new mattress or simply top your previous mattress with the best cooling memory foam mattress topper. 

You might feel like buying a new mattress on the go. But rather than changing such an expensive old mattress, you can consider buying a mattress topper that is far better and comes in varied options. It has everything that will match your sleep pattern and behavior.

So, without dragging it out anymore, let us dig into the matter straight away. Mentioned here are the top 15 best cooling memory foam mattress toppers that will cater to the needs and preferences of every sleeper. 

Let’s begin!

Following is the list of Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattresses Topper

1. Helix Plush mattress topper 

The Helix mattress topper is one of the best mattress toppers cooling. The company has a top brand image that is known to understand its customer’s needs and processes the type of mattress topper which will soften your firm mattress in no time. Plush type best cooling memory foam mattress topper reduces that firmness to some extent making you fall asleep in just minutes!  

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Soft fibers, and bamboo fabric, are breathable by reducing hot spots and ensuring coolness on them.
  • With a 15″ skirt, Baffle box stitching keeps the fiberfill precisely up to 1.5″ inside pockets for better sleep.
  • The cheapest cool topper that you can buy for yourself.

2. Lucid Gel memory foam mattress topper 2 inches

A gel cool mattress topper cooling that has been built especially for the one who finds inconvenience while sleeping due to sweaty bodies. It has been made body zoned with comfort, like pressure-releasing foam for a good night or day sleep. With gel infused in, it captures the heat, letting the coolness spread thoroughly in the topper.

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • For a firm and airy feel, high-quality material foam
  • 2 inches, really thin to halfway soft that lets you enjoy the cool temperature even under blankets
  • Chosen and reviewed as the best gel cool mattress topper 
  • With body-supporting designs and curves, & it helps get relief from pressure points, especially in painful areas like the lower back, joints, hips, and chattered mind.
  • Maintains the sleep angles without disturbing other body parts.
  • Lastly, this is one of the best cooling memory foam mattress toppers that are budget-friendly.

This also comes in more varieties, and you can pick up any type of foam that better suits your needs.

3. Layla memory foam

Ever dreamt of sleeping on clouds? Well, if yes, you should definitely get your hands on these Layla memory foam mattresses. You might think we are promoting it too much but getting to the point we can simply recommend it as the best cooling topper for bed. Like its mattress, the toper is softer, giving you a sponge-like feel. This cooling foam gel topper has an infused memory foam pad that correctly fits your bed. The copper gel beads in the foam pull heat from the body and cool it, making you sleep well.

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • All foams are certified with Certi-Pur-US.
  • The honeycomb adds a cool gel pad for bed, making it softer and one of the best cooling toppers.
  • It is antimicrobial, which kills bacteria and keeps them away, letting you have a good time with the soft cool topper. Layla foam topper is what you need to order.

4. Dreamfoam memory cooling mattress topper

Dreamfoam is one of the best cooling memory foam mattress toppers that have a gel swirl-based cool memory foam layer providing a temperature-neutral environment. With this said, the cooling gel foam gives you an ultra-comfort zone while resting atop it, responsive in all condensed points of the body. Since it gives great relief, it is breathable and promotes airflow into it, allowing you to have a cool sleep. The gel bead does a great amount of work. 

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • This best cooling memory foam mattress topper is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and maintains indoor air quality
  • It is better for the side and good for back sleepers
  • Good with a price.

5. Viscosoft active best cooling memory foam mattress topper

The Viscosoft topper is made with high-density copper-infused memory foam and is plush, unlike other cooling foam mattresses. This is one of the best cooling memory foam mattress toppers that adds more cooling and comfort and a soft feeling through the topper alignment and makes it even more supportive like a hotel bed feel. It is one of the best firm cooling mattress toppers. The best part is, that this mattress is known to support spinal alignment and provide you with the sleep you deserve! 

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Fixes a luxurious cool feel while you sink to sleep, just like a luxury class hotel bed
  • Will be comfortable in all movements of the body.
  • It is somewhat expensive as it targets high-end comfort services.
  • Although better for all ages, even better for, say, the elderly and patients with spinal & back problems, pressure points are good for blood circulation.

6. Casper comfy mattress topper

Enriched with a deep cool technique, Casper, the best cooling mattress protector for memory foam has three layers of cool foam gel mattress topper having these anti-latex foam for better body cover, and the second has graphite-infused latex foam that discharges heat and provides long-lasting coolness. The 3rd layer is base memory foam, which adds support and holds the mattress from moving while the sleeper sleeps. 

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Three layers add to better firmness, which means it serves long.
  • It is firm and soft (at the top layer), adding to the plunge in the cooling mattress.
  • Better for those searching for relief from pressure points, especially with back, body pains, shoulders, and lower back pains
  • Not suitable for stomach sleepers as you might feel hard sometime
  • Is expensive.

Comes in different styles for different sleepers according to weight, durability, thickness, size, etc.  

7. Tempur Topper supreme

Looking for a Tempurpedic mattress topper cooling? Well, you should definitely give the Tempur Topper Supreme a try. It is one of the best cooling memory foam mattress topper that are firm and durable, which means it lasts longer. Made with good breathable Tempur quality material that spreads cool air to the sleeper’s pressure points. It is thicker than another topper. 

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Free of mold, allergen, dust mite dander resistant
  • Manufactured with the best Tempur Pedic innovation, better response according to the sleepers weight, shape, position, etc. 
  • Good competitor and instantly upgrades to the boring bed and mattress.

8. Saatva plush cooling mattress topper

Looking for a mattress that cools your body fast and sinks you in, just like a hotel bed? Then go for Saatva plush mattress topper that fulfills all these points. With graphite infusion made, it is one of the best cooling memory foam mattress topper that lets the heat escape and adds a cool and comfortable feeling the moment you jump into sleep. This high-density foam and plushness relieve you from any pressure on the body in less time.

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • The straps provided hold the entire bed firmly
  • Much better for people needing high-pressure point relief
  • Softens the old mattress by 2-2.5 inch
  • It is pricey as it is a plush foam

9. Leisure town mattress pad

These best cooling memory foam mattress topper with a collin pad are breathable, fluffy, made of cotton lining, and fits the budget. It has a down-down feel and provides the right amount of cushioning unless you choose a firmer one. It spreads out the mattress to give you a cool resting time, but this only applies to super thick foam over a thin one. This shall top the list if you are looking for all you need, like a cool topper, cover, and medium to super thick density pad.

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • It is a fiberfill material and is HNN Cooling Technology Certified.
  • Gives a better feel upon 21″ super thick mattress, is a firm cooling mattress topper
  • The cooling pad is so soft that you go to sleep.
  • It is washable, skin-friendly, and fits the budget.

10. Red Nomad Bamboo mattress protector cover

Also, your mattress protector, this best cooling memory foam mattress topper is made of bamboo fibers and polyesters that protect the topper’s skin from any liquid spill. It’s waterproof. It will be great for the kids and the elder’s room. This cool topper is good and does not rip off even after long use. It is true to size and shape. For people looking for a regular cooling mattress, this is for you! Now without wasting more time thinking about which one to opt for, go for this Red Nomad Bamboo topper.

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Super budget-friendly, affordable.
  • No extra padding is needed atop your mattress, and this topper works well.
  • It is free from spill & waterproof.

11. Zinus 2-inch Swirl gel memory

Made with flexible polyurethane foam, this Zinus cooling gel mattress cover makes your body feel like swimming in the sea. Yes, the wave-like structure is designed to provide the sleeper with more comfort. If you see, the blue foam captures the heat in your body and radiates fresh cooling air through this foam, letting you sleep peacefully without sweat. Has a deep pockets sheet like in the picture. The tip of the cool foam puts pressure on your pain points, relieving you of all that problems. 

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Highest quality foam certified by Certipur
  • A specially designed cooling gel that gives the ultra cooling feel
  • Cooling gel foam promotes airflow 
  • It can be used in all seasons
  • Comes in different sizes that fit rightly

12. Sopat extra thick mattress topper

Made with 100% cotton, this 400TC spat extra thick mattress is non-comparable with the existing mattress toppers as it comes in double border construction, holding the mattress firmly and giving a cloud-like feel to the sleeper. While you rest, you will feel as if you have laid over clouds because of their softness. With 4D snow down alternatives filled in fiberfill, making it just right for you to buy. With 21 inches deep pockets and go-around elastic skirts, this topper holds the mattress and bed tighter, making it unmovable. So feel free to jump on them, have lunch, and let the babies enjoy the softness by cuddling those pillow-type mattress toppers.

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • It is machine washable but needs to tumble dry on low heat 
  • Doesn’t soak up to 200ml
  • It is breathable, soft, and comfortable
  • Can be gifted, good for regular use
  • Especially for heavy weights, as it is thick in size.

13. Cotton House cool gel memory foam 3 inch

With 50D high-density memory foam, this is the coolest memory foam topper suited for just heavy people who can rest well without disturbing others while sleeping. It provides sufficient support to your body, especially the pressure points; in time, it will even dissipate. A good airflow system is breathable and comfortable for these people. With open cell, aviation memory foam, and gel-infused beads, it keeps your body temperature at bay, keeping you just cool from head to toe.

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Made with high-grade aviation Memory foam and cooling gel-infused beads
  • Made without bad substance
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified
  • Standard foam with the right temperature maintenance
  • Comes with a soft cover made of rayon and polyester that is removable and washable
  • It can be a bit costly
  • This mattress topper comes with ten years warranty

14. Mellow 4-inch memory foam mattress topper

This Mellow foam cool mattress is one of the best cooling memory foam mattress topper that have a pad with five specially designed zones to give the sleeper body ultimate comfort. That means multiple contacts of pressure points will relieve you while you rest. Sleep cool mattress foam keeps cooling and throws the heat away. This isolates the motion, letting you have an undisturbed sleep. 

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • 5 zone topper giving you satisfied relief 
  • Although 4 inches is thick, it better suits more heavyweight people and the topper will sink by a few inches.
  • Certified, meets the guidelines, and lab tested.

15. Bamboo waterproof mattress protector

Ever heard about a cooling pad for memory foam mattress that is made of bamboo fiber? No, then this is what you should get right away. This bamboo fiber has tiny holes that help to breathe, and easy airflow happens. It absorbs moisture from your body and, after that, cools down the entire body while you take a nap. This pad is fully waterproof, so no worries about spilling. It effectively repels the liquid matter and protects your skin from no further clumsiness. With a high thread count and more stretchable, this pad is completely noiseless when you hover here and there. 

Here’s Why You Should Buy It:

  • Noiseless and more stretchable, leading to isolate motion
  • Fits up to a 6″ – 21″ mattress easily.
  • Waterproof and safe on the skin, be it, for newborn babies, to elderly people
  • It is washable and needs delicate washes
  • Comes in various sizes to select from.

So, these were the top 15 best cooling memory foam mattress topper written on, rated, and reviewed by most mattress purchasers around the boundaries.  You can also check out out post on the best bed toppers for back pain here.

The most preferred materials looked for in the mattress toppers are –

  • Cool Gel memory foam- that traps heat and scatters cool air in the body
  • Bamboo- they are silky, comfortable, and maintain a good temperature.
  • Wool- absorbs moisture and provides good comfort 
  • Latex mattress- a rubber-like feel and has a long life
  • Down and down- that gives a softy feel on both the side
  • Graphite and Carbon- that steals heat, promoting breathability, has tiny copper beads 

Few reasons why you should get a cooling mattress topper now–

Be aware that if you do not rest properly, your body will wear down because a lack of proper sleep leads to low memory retention. 

With the best cooling mattress topper, you will get a good night’s rest without worrying about sleeplessness like before. 

Mattress beds can wear out after usage and will trap heat, making you sweat while resting. 

Now is the time you shall think about buying a cool topper pad that cools the body and does the rest!

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

Material type: Well, there are many materials to choose from. Few have a better quality that can cool the entire mattress, but for this, you have to check the base. Like choosing gel-based, or copper-graphite is better for cooling down.

Durability: Mattress toppers come in thin to thick sizes, and some aren’t durable. Choose the one with cool in-built material and less dense and soft, giving your bed the right level of comfort.

Price: while these items range from very affordable to expensive, buy the one which gives better comfort and fits your budget. Good brand toppers also come in less price. Still, don’t let the price sometimes dominate your purchase decision; a cheaper item can overrule an expensive, branded one. Think wisely before purchasing.

Firmness: Some sleepers like softer & others like firm toppers or pads. More softness can lead to body pain over time, so better go for a little firm, although the topper makes it soft to rest. You can choose some plush bed toppers. 

Thickness: Choose the best cooling bed topper that comes in 1.5 to 3 or a little more. Heavyweight people should get benefits from 2-3 inches & for lightweight sleepers, you have various options.

A word for mattress toppers, pads, and protector

  • Look, a mattress topper and pad are to add solace and softness over any bed mattress that is commonly firm; else, you will sink in. so a pad or topper is added for the comfort level.
  • But a mattress protector or cover counterprotests the topper and your body from any spilling of liquid, harmful chemicals, etc., protecting your skin from all these. 
  • Check if the toppers can be washable and are machine friendly so that you can wash them without the fabric being peeled off! 


FAQs On The Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattresses Topper:

Q1. What is the best cooling mattress topper?

There are many listed mattress cool toppers to choose from, and deciding the best lies in your hands and deciding factors. Still, we recommend this-

 cool+ comfort= Alternative down mattress and all the listed above

Cool+ plush foam= Helix and Saatva mattress toppers

Cool+ budget friendly= Lucid gel memory foam, dream foam toppers

Cool + pillow feel mattress = Leisure town. 

 It will be easy to find like this.

Q2. Does this cooling mattress cool?

Yes, they are cool, depending upon how much soft or cozy mattress you pick and the material chosen.

Q3. Are these washable?

Not every mattress topper is washable. And if you are looking for such, choose a padded cover that is washable and removable. Check out which one does the work.

Q4. Are these Mattresses made as per personal usage?

A company manufactures all the mattresses. It wouldn’t be right to say that the mattress was specifically made, but each mattress delivers almost the same and different levels of comfort and will differ as per what you want from it. So, this is how it works.

Q5. What type of mattress shall I buy as it is confusing?

We got you. You should check what features you need to get ultimate satisfaction from it. Ask yourself these questions –

· What materials are used?

· Its thickness, firmness, size

· Soft or not,

· Whether it fits the budget

· What mattress shall I buy to keep myself cool and like many more?

Once you get the solution, consider buying it. You can also review the list mentioned on this page.

Wrapping It Up:

So now, we come to an end with this. You see, nearly all mattress toppers give satisfaction to some level until you buy the one which is of utmost right for you and your family. You can indeed give these to friends or families on occasion. 

If you sweat while sleeping, and looking for something cool, then this page will be a lot helpful to you. All the best cooling mattress topper on amazon mentioned in this list are available almost any time of the year.